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Your crew deserves a comfortable and efficient place to work and live while on the job site. At VESTA Modular, our team of experts can help you pick the perfect solution to support the needs of your team.

VESTA prides itself on catering to customers who demand a higher standard of service and better quality modular building. Consider VESTA for your next construction project and see how “THINKING BEYOND THE BOX” can help you deliver your space needs on time and on budget.



Whether you are looking to buy or lease, VESTA has you covered.

Temporary and Permanent Modular Office Buildings


The process of renting a modular office or living facility is easy, and our leasing agreements are transparent and hassle-free. Our portable, modular solutions can be delivered, installed, and removed very quickly. This way, your crew can stay comfortable and productive on the worksite. 


We have built permanent construction buildings in some of the most remote locations on Earth to support crews just like yours. Our team can create your modular buildings to match any of the existing structures on your property. We can also lend support to your current construction team or act as a general contractor and build your LEED-certified modular buildings to your specifications.

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Need help finding the right solution? VESTA is here to help.
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A modular solution in the construction industry

A temporary modular solution to support a construction project for facebook

Holder Construction - Atlanta, GA

Holder Construction was gearing up for a multi-billion dollar project in Atlanta, Georgia, for Facebook. The project was expected to last five years, so they needed a dining hall to serve their 300 construction workers during the build.

In only 60 days, VESTA Modular provided Holder Construction with 8,700 square feet of dining space. We took care of the building design, unit manufacturing, delivery, and installation of their modular solution.

Need help finding the right solution? VESTA is here to help.
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